haiti orphans

Our Achievements at the Mango Tree Village

The Mango Tree Village Orphanage in haiti

Since the earthquake, we and our partners have already achieved the following help to the victims :

  • 180,000 food packs
  • 70,000 litres of water
  • 50 tons of rice
  • 3 schools helped
  • 1200 children fed
  • 3 temporary camp-sites
  • 35,000 people sheltered
  • 1 orphanage rebuilt
  • 500 orphans provided for
  • 900 medical packs
  • 35,000 malaria tablets
  • 100’s given medical help
  • 1000’s received counselling
  • £5000 given for crisis intervention
  • Aid to woman’s prison
  • Aid to the Haitian Police
  • Hospital medicines distibuted
  • A total of 250,000 people helped because of your generosity


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mango tree orphanage haiti

haiti orphanage

New school uniforms
paid for by donations from friends of the Mango Tree

haiti orphanage

Located in the Santos area of Port-Au-Prince Haiti, the Mango Tree Orphanage currently homes about 70 children between the ages of 2 to 17 with more children arriving and needing medical attention and care every day.

haiti orphanage

Pastor Pete Dennet with baby Debora

helping haiti orphans

Sallie with sick child