The Mango Tree Village HAITI

On the 12th January 2010 an earthquake measuring 7.0mw struck the city of Port-au-Prince in Haiti. The quake lasted 35 seconds and killed 220,000 people and left over 2 million people homeless. In 2009, a United Nations report stated that Haiti was one of the third poorest countries in the world. It is estimated that 350,000 orphans lived in Haiti before the January Earthquake. The name Mango Tree Village was first coined in late January after a visit to an orphanage.

Your generosity saved lives and brought hope and light to the darkness that descended on the People of Haiti

Our team responded to the great need in Haiti and arrived in Port-au-Prince 14 days after the quake struck. Within hours of coming to the city, we began food distribution to orphans, and medical help from our dedicated team. Nothing could have prepared us for the devastation and the number of injured and dead that we saw. We visited a number of orphanages, all damaged and many totally destroyed.

haiti earthquake damage
Presidential Palace destroyed by the earthquake

One orphanage had 70 children sitting under a mango tree for shelter and shade from the scorching sun, as its building was rendered unsafe for use, it was then that I said we need to build a new Orphanage for these children and name it the Mango Tree.

With your help we aim to create a loving caring environment for the children of the Mango tree. We do everything we can to ensure that the children get shelter, food and water, medical attention when needed, clothes and an education. We are partnering with local Haitians and International personnel. We don’t want any of our children to feel unwanted or unloved. With your help - our children will have a chance to live a life of worth and purpose.

The Vision

To look after the children of the Orphanage by providing clean water, food and decent accommodation. Helping the children in every way we can to give them a better life and a hope for the future. We are working with local schools and other NGOs to help with education and training projects to prepare the children for life when they leave the Mango tree.

Hi guys going back to Haiti 7-17 March to repair roof be great if you could share and promote this work and raise some much needed finance for this project.

Posted by Linda Smith on Tuesday, 2 February 2016


The Cost

Most charities and local agencies estimate that we would need to raise £50 per month for each child to give them the quality of life they deserve. At this point in 2016 we have not achieved that goal, however we have done extensive building and repair work and have seen many children go to school regularly. We have also provided the best quality medical care as many of the children have malaria. With your help we can reach that goal. Why don't you start giving today £10 per month to sponsor one of the children?

How can you help the children?

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Haiti miracle rescue 15 days after earthquake

Reverend Christy Smith is one of the rescuers on the scene as a young girl is pulled out of the rubble 15 days after the earthquake. Christy places his cross in the hands of the young girl as she is pulled to safety.

Rev Christy Smith and his wife Linda are leaders of Brighton Elim and Newhaven Elim working in partnership with Elim Missions and many Elim Churches in the UK


Our Team in Haiti

Mango Tree Helpers

president clinton haiti

haiti orphanage

The Orphanage is located in the Santo area of Port Au Prince, the children live in a large complex with dorms for boys and girls, school rooms, medical room, dining area and outside play area.

haiti orphanage

haiti orphanage